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  1. photo by Gatis Indrevics

    Inese Mičule /theatre director

    lives and works in Latvia


    Inese has graduated State University of Latvia faculty of Law (2004).  At the same time, she studied directing at the Latvian Academy of Culture, graduating with play “Fundamentlist" by famous Finnish playwright Juha Jokkela (2008).

    She received her first award of Latvia’s annual theatre awards "Spēlmaņu nakts" (The Night of Artists) in the category "The Brightest Debut" already in the first year of her independent work. Since 2009 she has been a director at the New Riga Theater, Dailes Theater, National Theater, Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre  and Valmiera Drama Theater.

    Already the first productions of Inese Mičule show that the Latvian theater has acquired a director who knows how to work with actors, unleashing in them psychological revelations that they have no idea about. In turn, Inese's handwriting will seem attractive to the audience because she shows the most difficult problems, the most disgusting relationships between people on the stage easily and even playfully. In addition, Inese chooses only high-class literature for staging, although using it quite freely, so the program is almost always written "for motives".

    In 2022 Inese received nomination of Latvia’s annual theatre award "Spēlmaņu nakts"(The Night of Artists) in the category "Best director" and "Best performance/small form".


    2008. – 2010. The Latvian Academy of Culture, Theatre Studies, Master of Arts, Degree in Arts;

    2005. – 2008. The Latvian Academy of Culture, Theatre Director and Stage Directing, Bachelor's Degree in Arts;

    2007. Helsinki Theatre Academy, Theatre Director and Stage Directing;

    1999.-2005. The Latvian University, Faculty of Law; Bachelor's Degree in Law;


    Productions in theaters

    Director, Alistair McDowall, " All of it", Daile Theater/ 2024

    Director, Rainis "Joseph and His Brothers", Valmiera Drama Theater/ 2023

    Director, text translation, E.O'Niell "Mourning Becomes Electra", Valmiera Drama Theater; 2023

    Director, text translation, D.Mamet "American Buffalo", Valmiera Drama Theater; 2022.

    Director, E.Albee “Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”, Valmiera Drama Theater; 2022

    Director, scriptwrite “Knuts Skujenieks Kro Kro." “Zeit” culturspace; 2021.

    Director, text translation, D.Lindsay-Abaire “Good people”, Valmiera Drama Theater; 2021.

    Director, text translation, D.Macmillan "Every brilliant thing", Valmiera Drama Theater; 2020.

    Director, scriptwrite, J.Riel “The Cold Virgin”, The New Riga Theatre; 2020.

    Director, scriptwrite, Christmas concert, Valmiera Drama Theater; 2019.

    Director, scriptwrite, I.Zandere, R.Kaupers “Calling of laugh”, Valmiera Drama Theatre; 2019.

    Director, scriptwrite, R.Ziedonis “Paradoxical Latvia”,  The Latvian National Theatre;  2019.

    Director, David Ives “Venus in Fur”,  Valmiera Drama Theatre;  2018.

    Director, T.Williams “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, Valmiera Drama Theatre;  2017.

    Director, Aspasia “Vaidelote”,  Valmiera Drama Theatre;  2016.

    Director, M.Zalite “Full Mara's Room”, The New Riga Theatre; 2016.

    Director, V.Delmar “Make Way for Tomorrow”, Valmiera Drama Theatre;  2015.

    Director, M.Frayn “Noises Off”, Valmiera Drama Theatre;  2014.

    Director, B.Friel “Dances at Lughnasa”, The Latvian National Theatre; 2014.

    Director, T.Williams “A Streetcar Named Desire”, The New Riga Theatre, 2013.

    Director, scriptwriter, Christmas concert, Theater Daile; 2012.

    Director, A.Mardan "Mother and Daughter", Valmiera Drama Theatre;  2012.

    Director, U.Usberg "Head change", The Latvian National Theatre; 2012.

    Director, S.Oksanen, A.Neiburga "Purge”, The New Riga Theatre; 2012.

    Director, I.Zandere, J.Lusens "The Snow Queen", The Association ARS NOVA; 2011.

    Director, E.Mamaja, R.Pauls "Marlen" Theater Daile; 2011.

    Director, M.Zalite, J.Lusens "Kaupens, my love" The Association ARS NOVA; 2010.

    Director, scriptwriter, "Heavy Metal", The New Riga Theatre; 2010.

    Director, Christmas concert, Theater Daile; 2010.

    Director, B.Srblanovich"Family Stories" M.Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre; 2010.

    Director, scriptwriter "Janis Pauluks. Frames.", Music and Art association; 2010.

    Director and author, "Equation", Festival “Homo Alibi”, Latvia; 2009.

    Director, N.Labute "The Shape of Things", M.Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre; 2009.

    Director, author  "... tell me stories about ...”  Festival "Homo Novus”, Latvia; 2009.

    Director, R.Šimmelpfennig "Up 1-3" M.Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre; 2008.

    Director, actress, J.Jokela "Fundamentalist" The New Riga Theatre; 2008.

    Actress, D.Harrower „Knives in Hens”, The Latvian Academy of Culture; 2008.

    Actress, M.Pensotti “Flood tide and ebb tide”, Festival Homo Novus, Latvia; 2007.